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Hidden within grief lies a paradox of beauty, a mystery of grace.

Meredith works across a variety of media to create semi abstract works which focus on the reconciliation of trauma, human longing, and memory. She specializes in Bereavement Portraiture made in partnership with grieving families in order to capture the life, love, and loss of their deceased loved ones. Throughout all of her work, Meredith questions the nature of the sacred found in the ephemeral, flawed, and broken. Art accesses a form of recognition that exists in the liminal space between the cognitively unknown and the corporally known.  

"When my mother passed away when I was 19, I expected death to be dark, vicious, and unforgiving -- and it was. But it was more than that. It was anguished sublimity, sacred desolation. I felt the love for my mother, unable to be placed upon its object, begin to rebel and fester within me. My love burned as glorious scarlet autumn leaves - exquisite and awe inspiring, even in death."   

Meredith is an artist and educator whose art has been featured in exhibitions in Columbus, Washington D.C., Boston, New York City, and Orvieto, Italy. She completed her BA at Gordon College in Studio Art, and the History of Ideas in Fine Art. She now lives with her husband in Princeton, New Jersey.

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